Personal Performance – Self-assessment test on listening skills – in lingua inglese



Let me ask you a few questions:

  • During a conversation, do you pay enough attention, or does your mind wander?
  • Do you usually interrupt your counterpart?
  • Do you keep listening when someone says something you don’t agree with?
  • If you think your listening is good enough, then you don’t need this test.

If you feel you can improve, well, then the test will help you to discover the areas you can work on.


First of all, let’s say that listening is a physiological function, and stimuli from the surrounding environment, the frantic rhythm of today’s lifestyle and the growing desire to prevail by raising one’s voice are progressively impairing it. The test aims at helping you to autonomously assess how effectively you listen, and do your best to improve your listening skills


Contenuti del corso

The test is designed to encourage in-depth exploration of the topic and of the individual experience.

  • The teacher will ask you 20 questions: for each question, you can choose from three possible answers; only one is correct
  • Please answer as honestly as possible

In the test, you will also find:

  • A video-clip that presents a typical listening behaviour
  • A carton strip and a short post on bad listening
  • The plot of a movie that can help you improve your listening skills

Certificazione rilasciata

At the end of the course, you will download a certificate of attendance once you pass the test


  • You can use a PC or a mobile device (tablet/smartphone) that supports HTML5 (IOS, Android, Windows)
  • Up-to-date versions of the most popular browsers are recommended: Chrome and Safari usually offer better performance


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Immediately available

During the two months that the test will remain available to you, you will be able to repeat the test freely and then verify your progress on listening