Cyber Security – Company information protection – in lingua inglese

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The “Cyber Security – Company information protection – in lingua inglese” course is intended for all workers who use IT devices (PC, laptops, tablets, smartphone, etc…) both in office and in smart working


  • Cybercrime (whose aim is stealing information, money or both) causes losses in revenue, clients, reputation and it results in additional unprevented expenses in order to remedy attack related damages and it may endanger the survival of the company itself. Moreover, besides material consequences, it causes physical harm to the workers involved
  • Reference regulations for data and information protection impose a series of obligations to companies which manage data and information belonging to other companies, clients or private individuals. This guarantees that data processing is carried out with respect for each party’s rights, particularly as far as safety and data protection are concerned
  • Companies that manage any type of data must preserve confidentiality, integrity and availability, in order not to let such information be violated through Cybercrime attacks from third unauthorized parties
  • This course is meant to give an overview on Cyber Security focusing on risks and responsibilities related to data and information treatment when using IT devices (PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc…)
  • The contents go over the essential role that users play in such situations: participating actively and being able to distinguish different attacks are basic elements that ensure a first defence from cyber-crime. It’s time to stop thinking that cyber-crime is solely about single workers: the course illustrates crime examples and good practices that could potentially prevent and stem attacks
  • The course defines the most common attacks and goes over wrong behaviours that let and facilitate cyber-crime
  • Lastly, the course outlines good practices that users can follow in order to avoid such threats


  • Cyber Security
  • Cybercrime
  • Phishing and ransomware
  • How to choose strong passwords
  • Device protection

Certificazione rilasciata:

At the end of the course “Cyber Security – Company information protection – in lingua inglese”, users will receive a certificate of attendance featuring a progressive number


The evaluation of comprehension is carried out via various exercises throughout the course and a final self-correcting compulsory test with closed- ended questions in order to assess the comprehension of the covered topics. The test features questions and answers from an archive, randomly displayed in every test attempt. The minimum threshold in order to pass the test is 80% of correct answers

At the end of the course, users will be asked to give a feedback through a satisfaction questionnaire



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